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Wedding Ring Finger

There is question about appropriate wedding ring finger. The common rule is to use the wedding ring at your fourth finger of the left hand, the fourth finger is located between your middle finger and pinkie finger.

There are many cultures that use this patron including the western culture. So most of the couple uses the fourth finger as wedding ring finger. Wedding rings represent a couple commitments to share their life together in good and bad times. Wedding rings is also a mark that the person is not available anymore. This particular wedding ring finger has taken its place as a tradition for centuries. The reason why fourth finger is chosen because this finger is believed as the veina amoris finger. That means that this wedding ring finger has a vein that directly connected with the heart. So there are many western countries that take this as tradition such as; U.S. and England.

But there are also some western countries that not use the same tradition as wedding ring finger. In Germany and Spain, the mostly prefer to use the ring at the right hand instead in left hand. This tradition is also a long journey tradition across so many years. The reason why they choose the right simply because the negative connotation for the left hand and the right hand represent good connotation. Even in some countries, the tradition of wedding ring finger is different for each region.

Different religion also embraces different rule. For instance, Jewish has tradition in placing the ring at the right hand during the wedding ceremony, but after that they switch it to the left hand. So to decide which finger is perfect for you as wedding ring finger, you should check the tradition for your family. It doesn’t matter which finger you use, the most important thing is to always remember what values a wedding ring represent.